Volt Teen Banking (13-18 Years Old)

Bundled checking and saving account that lets teens take charge of their money easier and more worry-free.

Instilling Smart Financial Habits

The Volt Teen Banking Account is designed to help teenagers gain experience with managing their finances while protecting them against fees. We understand that personal finance is something that requires practice. The Volt Teen Banking Account allows members to become familiar with spending and saving using their accounts and mobile devices to transfer and deposit checks.

In addition, we offer periodic online and in-person educational courses throughout the year, plus members can take advantage of our Level Up program, with specific modules created especially for our Volt Banking members' age group. 

We understand there are many new experiences that come along with a new checking and savings account. We are proud to stand by our Volt members and offer education and support every step of the way.

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Protection Against Fees

Designed for members between the ages of 13 and 18, the Volt Teen Banking Account has a special checking account fee structure that protects against costly fees, including overdraft and out of network ATM fees. Once teenagers reach age 19, they qualify for reduced fees until they age out at 25.

Open a Volt Account

Checking Account

Build good money habits with a Volt Teen Banking checking account plus a free debit card and no overdraft or ATM fees.

Savings Account

Watch your savings add up quickly by earning 3.00% APY* on balances up to $1,000.

With the Volt Teen Banking Account, You Can GET MORE:

In addition to saving money with no fees, and giving your teen control over their money management, we're also helping explain how online banking works, and how they can use the products and services available to be smarter about spending, saving, and their finances in general.


  • A savings account can add up quickly for members by earning 3.00% APY* on savings balances up to $1,000.
  • No fees - we mean it. The Volt Teen Banking Checking account for members ages 13-18 is more than totally FREE checking. There are no overdraft fees or ATM fees. Really.
  • At age 16, Volt members can apply for a Visa Rewards Card. This card will have a sensible credit limit and a low interest rate, and will let you start building up rewards points that never expire. But just so your parents aren't worried about it, we do require a co-signer until age 18.


  • Sending money to friends: With Zelle®, you have the ability to pay friends through the Arbor Financial mobile app. There's no need to download any other software or third-party app, we've got it all right there for you.
  • Quick balances: Set up quick balances, so you can see what's in your account without having to log in.
  • Money transfers: Easily transfer funds into your teen's account.
  • ATM Access: Your Volt Teen Banking debit card will let you use over 30,000 CO-OP ATMs anywhere, for free, across the nation. Locate a surcharge-free ATM today.


Periodically, we'll put on events in schools and here at Arbor Financial, designed to explain things like:

  • How to manage savings & checking accounts
  • The difference between debit and credit cards
  • How to set SMART money goals
  • What is a credit score and why it matters
  • Budgeting basics

Plus, as a member, you'll hear first when we open up our annual scholarship program. We are proud to award ten $2,000 scholarships to Michigan high school students to improve their lives through higher education.


  • With the Card Control app, members can decide when, where and how their debit cards are used in real-time.
  • ​You can enjoy convenient features like turning your debit card on/off, receive instant transaction alerts, set card limit usage, and more!

Volt Teen Account Benefits for Parents

You know how the savings account helps your child, but it has some perks for you as the parent or guardian as well:

  • Easy transfers - You can quickly transfer funds into your teens account; no more third party apps or having to get cash.
  • Card protection - You can turn the card on and off along with designating usage to provide some oversight.
  • Monitor account balance - You can set up quick balances to check the savings account balance without logging in.
Arbor customer handing Volt Visa Card to cashier.
Boy holding Arbor Volt Visa Card

Volt Credit Card

At 16, Volt Teen Banking members can apply for a Visa Rewards Credit Card. It starts with a credit limit up to $1,000 and a low interest rate while letting you build rewards points that don’t expire. Until 18, parents are required to co-sign for the account.

There are many benefits to getting a credit card early, such as having time to build your credit and learning the difference between a credit and debit card in action.

Here are some tips to keep in mind for using credit cards for beginners:

  • Pay your bill before it’s due so you don’t incur interest charges.
  • You can use it to cover minor emergencies as long as you make your monthly payments on time if you can’t pay it off in full.
  • If you don’t use it correctly, you can get in trouble with your account, which isn’t a good way to start your credit foundation.
  • A credit card is different from a debit card because you borrow against your balance and have to repay it vs. a debit card which deducts from the cash you have in your account. You want to practice spending using both and experience how they impact your finances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received about our Volt Teen Banking Checking & Savings Account.

*Annual Percentage Yield (APY). The rate of 3.00% APY applies to balances up to $1,000 on Volt Teen Banking Savings accounts. Balances above $1,000 will receive the regular savings rate. Terms and conditions subject to change without notice. Account approval may be based on factors such as a qualified parent, teen’s age, and verification of income.


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