Volt Banking (19-24 Years Old)

You’ve waited years to be on your own, and now (with a little help) you’re spending and saving like a pro. Build your financial and personal independence with our Volt Banking program, earning up to 3.00% APY.

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Put Your Money To Work

Independent & Thriving

As you strike out on your own, your needs, priorities, and plans will evolve. Volt Banking will grow right alongside you, developing a solid financial foundation with savings for future opportunities. 


Checking Account

Develop good money habits with a Volt Banking checking account with reduced overdraft and ATM fees.

Savings Account

Watch your savings add up quickly by earning 3.00% APY* on balances up to $1,000.

Credit Card

Build your credit with a beginner’s low-interest rate credit card with a manageable credit limit.

Arbor Volt customer using mobile app.

What can Volt Banking do for me?

We believe you’re the hero of your story. We give you more control over your money with our bundled checking and savings account. We also provide financial literacy opportunities and free easy access to over 30,000 ATMs across the nation. 

Here are just some of the benefits of Volt banking:      

Earn a competitive annual APY

It Pays to Save with Volt - Volt members see their savings add up quickly by earning 3.00% APY* on savings balances up to $1,000.

It's mobile-friendly

Check balances, deposit checks, load accounts into Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay with Mobile Banking. You live life on the go, so let your Volt Savings and Checking Account live it with you.

Pay friends with ease

Pay your friend back for that iced coffee with the Arbor Financial mobile app. There's no need to download a third-party app; we've got it all right there for you.

Set up quick balances

With quick balances, you can see what's in your account without having to log in.

Seriously reduced fees

Life happens. Money can be tight. We’re here to protect you from expensive fees by reminding you it does pay to keep track of your account. If there’s a fee, we’ll cut it in half.  

Fees Include:
Overdraft Transfer Fee - $2.50 (regularly  $5)
Out of Network ATM Fee - $1.50  (regularly $3)
Courtesy Coverage Fee - $17.50 (regularly $35)

Free ATM Access

Your Volt debit card will let you use 30,000 CO-OP ATMs for free. And if you're really stuck, fees for out of network ATMs are reduced to just $1.50.

Arbor Volt customer displaying debit card.

The Volt Credit Card

At 18, Volt members can qualify for a Visa Rewards Credit Card. It starts with a credit limit up to $1,000 and a low interest rate while letting you build rewards points that never expire.

There are numerous benefits of getting a credit card early in life, such as building credit and learning the difference between credit and debit cards in action. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind for using credit cards for beginners:

  • Pay your bill before it’s due so you don’t incur interest charges.
  • You can use it to cover minor emergencies as long as you make your monthly payments on time if you can’t pay it off in full.
  • If you don’t use it correctly, you can get in trouble with your account which isn’t a good way to start your credit foundation.
  • A credit card is different from a debit card because you borrow against your balance and have to repay it vs. a debit card which deducts from the cash you have in your account. You want to practice spending using both and experience how they impact your finances.

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*Annual Percentage Yield (APY). The rate of 3.00% APY applies to balances up to $1,000 on Volt banking Savings accounts. Terms and conditions subject to change.

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