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It’s the very definition of free and easy. You’ll never find any fees, but you will find it easy to access your money at home or on the road.

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These advantages make our Free Checking Account an easy choice

Our goal is to make checking easy and choosing the best checking account for you even easier. That’s why we’ve loaded our Free Checking Account with benefits you can’t say no to. 

Arbor member shopping at the grocery store.

No Monthly Fees

With our Free Checking Account, you can bank without paying a monthly service charge.

No Minimums

Don’t worry about meeting the minimum balance requirements. Open your account with the amount that works best for you.

Free ATMs

Punch in your PIN to get fast cash at an ATM. Pull out your Visa debit card to make a quick store purchase. Push a few buttons on your computer or smartphone to get the bills paid. Total fees involved? Zero. Level of convenience? A perfect 10. You will have access to 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs, locate one today.

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Set up electronic services for your account:

Receiving your paycheck through direct deposit and setting up electronic payments using your Arbor Free Checking account is easy. 

All you need is:

  • Our routing number - 272481871
  • Your account number, which is a 12-digit Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) number and the second set of numbers on the bottom of your check.

Direct deposit will be finalized through your employer's human resources department. If you need additional help setting up these services, please use this worksheet.

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Frequently asked questions about our Free Checking Account