Switch Kit 

What do you need to move your account to Arbor Financial? About 15 minutes. And a desire for better banking services.

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It only takes a little effort to get a lot of satisfaction.

Switching your accounts to Arbor Financial is almost as easy as flipping on a light switch. Just say the word, and we'll help arrange your automatic bill payments, adjust your direct deposit and offer advice on closing your old account.

Here's what you need to make the switch to Arbor Financial:

  • 15 minutes or less
  • Your Arbor Financial Credit Union checking account number
  • Former financial institution's name, address, and account numbers
  • Merchant name, address and account number for each automatic payment you would like to make through Arbor Financial
  • Employer name and address for each direct deposit you would like sent to Arbor Financial

Five-Step Switching Process

  1. Stop using your old bank account. Leave enough funds to cover outstanding checks and automatic payments for 10 business days to avoid potential insufficient fund fees.
  2. Give the Direct Deposit letter to your employer. This lets them know that you need your paychecks to be re-routed to a new bank. Download the letter.
  3. Update your automatic payments. If your bills are automatically deducted from your former bank account through a debit or credit card or automatic ACH withdrawal, switch them to your Arbor Financial account. Typically, this can be done over the phone with each company, if not online.
  4. Set up Arbor Financial's free Web Bill Pay. Web Bill Pay is a way to pay your bills automatically without using a debit or credit card.It's fast, easy and free.
  5. Close your old bank account. We know that breaking up with someone is hard to do, so we've made things easy and civil with a personalized letter. No hard feelings, OK? Download the letter.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have more than one direct deposit. Can I change everything at one time? Yes, the switch kit will ask you how many direct deposits you would like to bring to Arbor Financial. Some examples of automatic deposits include: paychecks, retirement benefits such as Social Security, and investments.
  • What types of automatic payments can I transfer to Arbor Financial Credit Union? Any regular monthly payment you currently write a check for or have automatically deducted, such as your auto loan, cell phone, health club membership, insurance payments, mortgage, and utilities.
  • I can’t find my account number on my check. Where is it? Your Arbor Financial checking account number is the second set of numbers listed on the bottom of your checks. A complete list of your Arbor Financial account numbers can be found in Online Banking
  • What do I do if I need help? We're available to answer your questions during regular business hours via online chat, email, or by calling 269.375.6702.

Need more incentive to move to Arbor Financial Credit Union? You get free access to more than 30,000 ATMs throughout Michigan and across the nation, plus fee-free access to Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Web Bill Pay and more. It's easy to open your account online or switch your account to become an Arbor Financial member.