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How to Buy and Sell a House at the Same Time

August 11, 2021 Arbor Financial Credit Union

If you must sell your current home first, your dream home could be off the market by the time you’re ready to buy. If you buy your dream home before selling your current home, you may be making two mortgage payments each month. What do you do? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t want to have two mortgage payments. This is where a bridge loan from Arbor Financial Credit Union could make sense for you. 

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The Benefits of Getting Pre-Approved for an Auto Loan

August 10, 2021 Arbor Financial Credit Union

When it comes to buying a car or vehicle, you've got a few options. The first is to save up until you can buy the car you want out of pocket. The problem with that is that it might take you years to save enough for the vehicle you want.

The second option is to get an auto loan after you've found the car you want to buy. But what if it turns out to be beyond your budget? And how do you know if the dealer is offering you the best interest rates, terms, and conditions

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Creating a Path to Success

August 2, 2021 Arbor Financial Credit Union
“That's the value of Arbor Financial; they bring you back to how banking should be, simple and relational. Arbor Financial's team really cares about you and your success to develop a true win-win for everyone.”
- Al Heminger
Huron House, and The Hotel Saugatuck
Oscoda/Saugatuck, Michigan

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Summer is a time where people’s imaginations whirl with vacation plans and excitement. However, you don’t have to travel far, or spend a lot, to have the best vacation ever. Our home state is surrounded by beautiful forests, beaches, and a ton of culture, all for a great price; making Michigan the perfect travel destination.

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While the last thing you want to think about is the total loss on a vehicle, it’s important to be prepared for whatever life may throw your way. A few dollars invested in an Arbor Financial Loan Protection Policy will result in repairs being covered and loans being repaid, and you getting more peace of mind.

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