Get convenient checking accounts and services to match.

Daily money management requires a checking account that keeps pace with you. That's where Arbor Financial comes in. Choose from three accounts with various perks. And we'll make it easy for you to move your accounts over to us.

And now, you can personalize your debit card with our new tool, so your card can be uniquely you.

Momentum Free Checking

This account earns higher returns on your balance the more you use your debit card.

Free Checking

Keep moving ahead with no minimum balance or monthly service fee slowing you down.

Premier Checking

Sizable dividends and easy access are the feature attractions.

Volt Account

Giving teens the power to take charge of their money and parents the peace of mind to let them.

Personalized Debit Cards

Having a debit card as unique as you makes using it more fun!

Switch Kit

We make it easy to switch your accounts to Arbor Financial.

Overdraft Protection

Get financial protection to avoid returned payments and merchant fees.

Re-Order Checks

When you're running low, just go online to order more checks.

Explorer's Club

Launch a lifetime of smart savings habits with our offerings for young children.