Join the Future With a Digital Wallet

A digital wallet is so much more than a way to pay for stuff online -- though it's great for that, too. After entering your information just once, a digital wallet is the fastest method of making in-store purchases. Leave your wallet in your pocket, or at home, and just tap your phone toward the point of sale for a contactless transaction.

Another great benefit of a digital wallet is that you can use a variety of apps to pay your family and friends back for that dinner last night, or to pay tradespeople on the spot instead of writing a check. The future is here and the choice is yours. Save money and time by signing up for all your favorite e-pay providers today.

Digital Wallet Walkthrough: How to Add a Card


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Leave your wallet at home and use your phone to tap and pay in your favorite shop today!


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Input your payment details just once then use your chosen passcode there after.


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Use an app to make fast, free money transfers and never stand in line for the ATM again.

In-Store Purchases

A man holding his phone over a sales machine to use contactless Apple Pay.

Apple Pay

Ideal for iPhone and iWatch users, Apple Pay is widely accepted in stores, can be used online, and to send and get money. Use Apple Pay with your Apple Card and get 2% daily cash back on every purchase. Learn more.

A man holding his phone over a sales machine to use contactless Google Pay.

Google Pay

Android Users can use Google Pay in-store, online, and for sending and receiving money. Apple users can use it for online and peer-to-peer payments only. Great for tracking your spending and unlocking insights. Learn More

A close-up of the Samsung Pay app on a Samsung phone.

Samsung Pay

Built for Samsung phones, fans of the brand can enjoy easy in-store and online purchases, plus peer-to-peer payments. Plus, earn cash back and rewards for your daily purchases. Take a photo of your cards, tap, and go!  Learn More

A man holding a phone near his laptop and coffee, looking at the LG app.

LG Pay

If you're a valued customer of the LG brand, this could be the digital wallet for you. Keep your debit, credit, gift, and loyalty cards in one convenient app. Can be used in most stores and follows voice commands. Learn More

An array of Fitbit fitness tracking watches on display in a store.

Fitbit Pay

Digital wallets let you leave your wallet at home and Fitbit Pay lets you leave your phone, too. Now you can monitor your movements and grab coffee on the go -- all from your watch or tracker. Learn More

An array of Garmin watches on display in a store.

Garmin Pay

Fans of Garmin fitness watches and activity trackers can take advantage of the brand's own contactless payment solution. Can also be used with some major transit systems worldwide, so you'll always be good to go. Learn More

Online & Mobile

A woman is using Amazon Pay on her phone to make purchases.

Amazon Pay

If you already use to do your online shopping, you can use Amazon Pay to shop at other websites, too. Select Amazon Pay at any checkout and manage all your transactions through your main account. Learn More

A person is using their laptop to view the most popular restaurants in their neighborhood according to the Grubhub website.


The Grubhub app and website has transformed the way we order delivery food. Now, you can enter your payment details just once and have a huge host of restaurants and eateries ready at your fingertips.  Learn More


A mobile phone is sitting on a pile of U.S. dollars while showing the PayPal app.


In sync with your checking account, PayPal can be used to receive and send money, to split bills, to shop online practically everywhere, and to split payments into four affordable installments. Learn More

Friends are eating lunch in a restaurant and one person is paying the bill while the others will pay him back with the Venmo app.


This peer-to-peer (P2P) payment app has fast become the method of choice for sending money between friends and family. The split-purchase feature is popular for sharing the cost of things like dinner or a cab. Learn More

A few business people are standing in a line using their phones to make investments via Cash App.

Cash App

A popular peer-to-peer (P2P) app to make and receive payments, Cash App also allows you to buy stocks and cryptocurrency with as little as a dollar. All you need is a $cashtag to get started!  Learn More

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Digital Wallet FAQ's

The most common type of digital wallet is an app on your phone that stores the data from your physical credit and debit cards, driver's license, tickets and more. You add the data by either inputting it off your card, syncing it with an account, or taking a photo of the card or ticket from inside the app, so your phone reads it for you.

To make purchases or redeem tickets, just enter your phone's passcode, or use ID, and then you can pay by holding your phone toward the point-of-sale device, or showing the agent your e-ticket to scan. 

A digital wallet may also refer to the system online where you have inputted your payment details once and, from then on, you don't need to enter it again because the retailer or e-pay provider has stored it for you. To make purchases, you need only enter your email and password for that provider, for example PayPal.
Yes, your digital wallet is not intended to replace your physical wallet but to add to the experience and range of options at your disposal. It means you're not tied to your old wallet but you may still use it in places where they don't yet accept e-pay.
You may choose to sign up for as many or as few e-pay providers as you like. For example, you might already be signed up for Amazon or GrubHub for some of your online shopping, and then use PayPal to make your other purchases. Some stores may still require you to input your payment details separately.

When it comes to the digital wallet app on your phone, if you have an iPhone, you will likely use Apple Pay and if you have a Samsung phone you will likely use Samsung Pay. Other than that, it's up to you to choose the brand that best fits your needs and taste.
If your phone is backed up to a cloud service, your apps should automatically download to your new phone. All you'll need to do is sign in again on the new device. For new cards, you'll need to input or scan your new details. The good news is, do it just once and you're set.
As long as your phone, laptop, and other devices are protected by a password or Face ID, then your payment information is secure. On the other hand, a wallet may be stolen and somebody could use your credit card to make fraudulent purchases in the time before you have it canceled. 

Whatever kind of wallet you have, you should be aware of scams, phishing, and theft, and report any suspicious activity to your financial institution or the authorities.
Generally, transactions through electronic payment providers will be free of charge. But be sure to check the fine print before signing up with any app or online service.
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