What You Need to Know About Contactless Payments

Published On:
December 02, 2021

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What are contactless payments? 

Contactless payments are a safe payment method that allows you to hold your card (or phone) near a card reader to make a payment. Contactless payments can be safer and faster than traditional forms of payment.  


How do contactless payments work? 

Contactless payments use Near Field Communication technology to share information between two devices within a short-range. In order to perform a transaction, you must be within a few centimeters of a card reader, so you can’t accidentally make a payment. Contactless payments also use one of the most secure encryption methods available: tokenization. Your information is encoded, and each transaction you make using your contactless card creates a unique, one-time code, reducing security and fraud risks. Due to this technology, contactless payments provide you with more security, reduced fraud risk, and faster payments. 

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How to make your Arbor Financial credit or debit card contactless: 

You don’t need to have a card with contactless payment technology to tap to pay- you can use your digital wallet! A digital wallet uses the same technology as a contactless card and can even provide you with some extra benefits. It’s easy to add your Arbor Financial Credit Union credit card and debit card to your digital wallet and start paying without the plastic. Arbor’s cards work with most major digital wallets, including ApplePay TM, SamsungPay TM, and GooglePay TM.

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