Share Savings 

The meaning is in the name. It's not just a place to put your money; it's a way to start sharing all we have to offer.

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Solid account. Good returns. Great start.

If our Share Account was just a hard-working savings account with solid dividends, that would be good enough for most people in Michigan and beyond. But it's way more than that. Each credit union member is formally a part owner of the enterprise. That makes the Share Account your buy-in to Arbor Financial. It opens the door to checking accounts, loans, online banking and all our other services.

Here are the immediate advantages of opening a Share Account:

  • Launches your relationship with Arbor Financial
  • Establishes ownership and gives you access to other credit union services
  • Earn interest on account balance
  • Become eligible for direct deposit
  • Gain access to Online Banking and Mobile Banking
  • Have deposits federally insured