Public List of NMLS ID Numbers

Consumer Lending Department

Christin Armstrong, Consumer Lending Specialist, NMLS ID 1237977
Gina Chiechi, Home Equity Underwriter, NMLS ID 525919
Karen DeMars, Director of Credit & Loan Servicing, NMLS ID 703701
Tony Flanders, Consumer Lending Specialist, NMLS ID 1778963
Lyndsey Harling, Director of Consumer Loan Operations, NMLS ID 703701
Christopher Jacobs, Vice President Consumer Lending, NMLS ID 380027
Adam Justus, Consumer Lending Specialist – Outbound, NMLS ID 2188494
Mandy McCarter, Home Equity Lending Specialist, NMLS ID 525919
Victor Newman, Consumer Lending Specialist, NMLS ID 1120976
Samantha Roe, Lending Development Specialist, NMLS ID 899182
Laura VanderVeen, Consumer Lending Underwriter, NMLS ID 1631906

Mortgage Department

Holly Babb, Mortgage Loan Originator, NMLS ID 1332758
Briana Balder, Mortgage Loan Processor, NMLS ID 2073319
Kalani Ballinger, Mortgage Loan Disbursement Specialist, NMLS ID 2222580
Laurie Brooks, Mortgage Loan Originator, NMLS ID 703704
Robin Coyer, Mortgage Processing and Closing Manager, NMLS ID 1318477
Tiffany Durecki, Mortgage Loan Closer, NMLS ID 1832358
Hope Garton, Mortgage Loan Underwriter, NMLS ID 408476
John Hatridge, Mortgage Loan Originator, NMLS ID 436343
Alexandria Hoekstra, Mortgage Loan Underwriter, NMLS ID 1622049
Lisa Jordan, Mortgage Loan Processor, NMLS ID 2242085
Tristan Jordan, Inbound Mortgage Loan Originator, NMLS ID 2065001
Jeff Kalmbach, Mortgage Loan Originator, NMLS ID  575095
September Kirvan, Director of Mortgage Lending, NMLS ID 703699
Ryan Maneke, Mortgage Loan Originator, NMLS ID 1570101
Melissa McCook, Mortgage Loan Disbursement Specialist, NMLS ID 1923943
Anne McLeod, Mortgage Servicing Manager, NMLS ID 1849959
Robert Merrill, Mortgage Loan Originator, NMLS ID 1171718
Darcy Miller, Mortgage Loan Underwriter, NMLS ID 1393852
Lindsey Neal, Mortgage Loan Closer, NMLS ID 1904546
Abigail Oliver, Mortgage Loan Processor, NMLS ID 2236475
Tonia Pell, Mortgage Product and Pricing Specialist, NMLS ID 1958639
Tanner Pond, Mortgage Loan Originator – Inbound, NMLS ID 1699923
Jeff Potter, Director of Mortgage Sales, NMLS ID 1160981
Nicole Schutz, Mortgage Loan Processor, NMLS ID 1995850
Nathan Smeltzer, Mortgage Underwriting Manager, NMLS ID 846902
Madison Stiffler, Mortgage Loan Closer, NMLS ID 1694106
Mark Thorpe, Mortgage Loan Underwriter, NMLS ID 1555206
Kyle Townsend, Mortgage Loan Originator, NMLS ID 576723
Heidi Walker, Mortgage Loan Originator, NMLS ID 790410
Jason Walter, Mortgage Loan Disbursement Specialist II, NMLS ID 2053339
Susan Weir, Vice President Mortgage Lending, NMLS ID 1942231
Katrina White, Mortgage Loan Processor, NMLS ID 2236476
Brandon Wilkins, Mortgage Loan Originator – Inbound, NMLS ID 2236484

Operations – 9th Street

Joshua Fytczyk, Assistant Branch Manager, NMLS ID 1832359
Michelle Haner, Personal Banker II, NMLS ID 1832362
Barb Heinonen, Branch Manager, NMLS ID 1437163
Devin Helton, Travel Personal Banker II, NMLS ID 2236474
Colleen McGuire, Personal Banker, NMLS ID 143716
Kay Running, Travel Personal Banker II, NMLS ID 435491
Michelle VanderHoff, Personal Banker II, NMLS ID 1832370

Operations – Centre Avenue

Cole Brandon, Personal Banker II, NMLS ID 2105712
Pam Ryder, Assistant Branch Manager, NMLS ID 1875469
Joanne Shinar, Branch Manager II, NMLS ID 1437166
Josh Wujkowski, Personal Banker, NMLS ID 17293239

Operations – Gaines Township

Melissa Crawford, Branch Manager, NMLS ID 1887286
Madeleine VanDenHout, Personal Banker II, NMLS ID 1923944

Operations – Gull Road

Joseph Book, Personal Banker II, NMLS ID 2023712
Mark Hancock, Branch Manager, NMLS ID 435483
Elaine Stevens, Assistant Branch Manager, NMLS ID 1834235
Lucas Waling, Personal Banker, NMLS ID 2132740

Operations – Hudsonville

Bryanna Ryktarsyk, Personal Banker II, NMLS ID 2083144

Operations – Lawrence

Jessica Mayfield, Personal Banker II, NMLS ID 1875603
Christina Whipple, Assistant Branch Manager, NMLS ID 1836007

Operations – Otsego

Emily Danielson, Branch Manager II, NMLS ID 834896
Brittany Hiemstra, Assistant Branch Manager, NMLS ID 1832363
Emily Leslie, Personal Banker II, NMLS ID 1832365

Operations – Paw Paw

Kimberly Copenhaver, Branch Manager, NMLS ID 1832357
Sarah Goudie, Assistant Branch Manager, NMLS ID 1832360
Kent Sundberg, Personal Banker II, NMLS ID 2188495

Operations – Portage Road

Philip Shaler, Branch Manager, NMLS ID 1832368
Meagan Stiver, Personal Banker II, NMLS ID 1499876

Operations – Three Rivers

Lyndall Gabbert, Personal Banker, NMLS  ID 2221030
Christopher Walters, Assistant Branch Manager, NMLS ID 857499
Debi Wright, Branch Manager, NMLS ID 1915247

Operations – Westnedge Avenue

Morgan Medema, Personal Banker, NMLS ID 2110730
Keith Sargeant, Branch Manager, NMLS ID 1437165
Taylor Tran, Assistant Branch Manager, NMLS ID 1709278

Operations - Wyoming

Jason Miller, Branch Manager, NMLS ID 2095957
Kymberli Nichols, Personal Banker II, NMLS ID 2225658