Why Use Your Rewards Credit Card during the Holidays

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November 20, 2023

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The holidays are a season of joy, togetherness, and generosity. It's a time when we exchange gifts with loved ones, decorate our homes with festive décor and lights, and create lasting memories. But the holidays can also be a time of increased expenses, from buying presents to hosting family gatherings and traveling to visit friends and family. Using a rewards credit card could help you relax and take some pressure off this holiday season while also getting more while spending.

Earn Valuable Rewards

One of the most significant benefits of using a rewards credit card during the holidays is the opportunity to earn valuable rewards. Most rewards credit cards offer cashback, points, or miles for every dollar spent. By putting your holiday purchases on your rewards card, you can accumulate rewards that can be used for future expenses or gifts. This can help offset the cost of holiday spending and provide you with a little extra financial cushion as you start the new year. Here at Arbor Financial our rewards credit card allows you to earn 3x points on restaurants and travel, 2x points on groceries & gas, and 1x points on everything else. Rewards can be redeemed easily online for travel bonuses or other exciting items.

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Protection and Security

When shopping for gifts during the holiday rush, there's always a risk of encountering issues like fraud, damaged goods, or delivery mishaps. Most rewards credit cards offer purchase protection and extended warranty coverage, giving you peace of mind when making purchases. In case something goes wrong, your credit card company can help resolve these issues and protect your hard-earned money. Here at Arbor, all our cards come with Visa’s Zero Liability Protection*, and your card information will be printed on the back of your card. You can also add your card to your digital wallet for increased tap to pay security.

Special Discounts and Offers

Many rewards credit cards have partnerships with retailers and offer exclusive discounts or special offers during the holiday season. These deals can range from discounts on gifts to cashback on specific categories, such as dining, travel, or online shopping. By taking advantage of these special promotions, you can save money and make your holiday budget stretch further. Here at Arbor, we often run targeted special programs to help you GET MORE with your credit card.

Travel Perks

If you plan to travel during the holidays to visit family or enjoy a winter getaway, using a travel rewards credit card can be particularly advantageous. Travel rewards cards often offer benefits like free checked bags, airport lounge access, and travel insurance, which can enhance your overall travel experience and help you save on expenses. Arbor offers 3x reward points on Travel and you can redeem your rewards for exciting travel offers to help you save on future trips.

Convenience and Budgeting

Using a rewards credit card can simplify your holiday spending and help you stick to your budget. Most credit card companies provide online tools and apps that allow you to track your expenses in real-time. You can set spending limits and receive alerts when you approach them, making it easier to manage your finances during this hectic time of year. Check out the Arbor Financial Card Control app to learn how you can simplify your budget and make your holiday banking easier.

Build Credit History

Regularly using your rewards credit card and making on-time payments can have a positive impact on your credit history. A strong credit score can lead to better financial opportunities in the future, such as lower interest rates on loans, higher credit limits, and access to premium credit cards with even more lucrative rewards. Want to learn more about how to increase and manage your credit? Download our Credit score guide, or sign up for a one-on-one credit review with one of our credit specialists.

Using your rewards credit card during the holidays is a wise financial decision that can help you save money, earn valuable rewards, and enjoy added conveniences and protections while shopping and traveling. However, it's essential to use your credit card responsibly and not accumulate more debt than you can afford to pay off. With responsible use, your rewards credit card can truly enhance your holiday season, making it more enjoyable and stress-free.

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* Visa's Zero Liability Policy does not apply to certain commercial card and anonymous prepaid card transactions or transactions not processed by Visa. Cardholders must use care in protecting their card and notify their issuing financial institution immediately of any unauthorized use.

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