Your new vehicle should be something to be proud of, not a burden on your finances. Enjoy your success and look to the future with auto loan rates as luxurious as your new vehicle.

New auto loan financing with Arbor Financial Credit Union paves the way to pursue your lifestyle without the stressors of inflated monthly payments. Discover new auto loan interest rates starting as low as 1.49% APR*, and lock in a financing plan that fits your needs.

New Auto Loan Rates

Product Term APR as low as1
2022-2021 (up to 100% LTV Max) Up to 36 months 1.49%
37 - 48 months 1.74%
49 - 60 months 2.49%
61 - 72 months (Call for details) 2.99%
73 - 84 months (Call for details) 3.49%
85 - 96 Months (Call for details)* 4.49%
2020-2015 (up to 100% LTV Max) Up to 36 months 1.49%
37 - 48 months 1.74%
49 - 60 months 2.49%
61 - 72 months (Call for details) 2.99%
73 - 84 months (Call for details) 3.74%
85 - 96 months (Call for details)* 4.49%
*Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Rates disclosed are the lowest rates available and are determined by your credit score at the time of application. Rates subject to change.

**85 - 96 month term is available to borrowers with a maximum vehicle age of two years, with a minimum loan amount of $45,000, and with qualifying credit. Call for details.​

What Is A New Auto Loan Rate?

Auto loan rates reflect the cost of borrowing money. You will pay back interest rates on the principal of your vehicle, or an APR rate on the total cost (principal, taxes, titles, and fees). The rate associated with your new auto loan will be lower due to the age and slower depreciation.

Your new auto loan rate influences monthly payments in a big way. Let’s look at two examples below:

New Auto Loan #1

APR: 3.11%
Total Loan Payment: $27,449
Total Cost of Monthly Payment: $457

New Auto Loan #2

APR: 5.54%
Total Loan Payment: $28,679
Total Cost of Monthly Payment: $478

It is important to do research and uncover the best possible new auto loan rates for you. Use a variety of tools to determine what factors will influence your rates the most.

Factors Impacting New Auto Loan Rates

There are dozens of moving parts that influence the overall interest rate or APR of your new auto loan. A few of the most important factors are listed here below.

Credit Scores And History

Prime credit scores (usually 620+) allow you to get better interest rates. Lower or subprime scores will significantly limit your options.

New Auto Loan Term

The longer your new auto loan terms, the less you will pay per month. The shorter they are, the more you will pay. However, bear in mind that shorter terms also accompany lower interest rates.

Age Of Car

Your new vehicle may cost more than a used car would, but your interest rates will be much lower. This is primarily due to a lack of depreciated value.

Auto Loan Lender

The lender you choose has a large impact on your overall rate. Commercial banks must make a profit, meaning that interest rates are higher. Credit unions such as Arbor Financial Credit Union are not-for-profit institutions and therefore can offer much lower rates.

Get Competitive New Auto Loan Rates Now!

If a new vehicle is in your future, looking for a low price is not the only way to save big. Instead, rely on low rate new auto financing from Arbor Financial Credit Union. 

Get in contact with our team today or apply for auto loan pre-approval online to get the process rolling.


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