Your motorcycle is an integral part of your adventurous, road warrior lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to buy new, used, or refinance your current rate, ensure that you are banking with a credit union you can count on.

Motorcycle loans from Arbor Financial Credit Union start as low as  1.49% APR*, saving you more with every mile spent. Bike as far as your heart’s content with some help from our team.

Motorcycle Loan Rates

Product Term APR as low as1
2022-2021 (up to 100% LTV Max) Up to 36 months 1.49%
37 - 48 months 1.74%
49 - 60 months 2.49%
61 - 72 months (Call for details) 2.99%
73 - 84 months (Call for details) 3.49%
85 - 96 Months (Call for details)* 4.49%
2020-2015 (up to 100% LTV Max) Up to 36 months 1.49%
37 - 48 months 1.74%
49 - 60 months 2.49%
61 - 72 months (Call for details) 2.99%
73 - 84 months (Call for details) 3.74%
85 - 96 months (Call for details)* 4.49%

*Annual Percentage Rate (APR). The rate you receive will be determined by your credit score at the time of application and the term of your loan. Loan subject to credit approval. Interest accrues from date of loan disbursement.


What Is A Motorcycle Loan Rate?

Motorcycle loan rates, including interest rates and annual percentage rates, are costs associated with borrowing money from a lender. 

Interest rates are primarily used to calculate the cost of borrowing money on the principal loan, while APR rates calculate costs based on all factors, including tax, titles, and fees. Like car loans, motorcycle loan rates fluctuate according to the age and condition of the vehicle.

The higher your APR rate is, the more you will pay on your motorcycle loan. Let’s take a look at two examples.

Motorcycle Loan #1

APR: 1.49%
Total Loan Payment: $25,000
Monthly Cost of Motorcycle Loan: $433

Motorcycle Loan #2

APR: 3.49%
Total Loan Payment: $25,000
Monthly Cost of Motorcycle Loan: $455

The best motorcycle loan rates result from a combination of high credit scores, low monthly debts, and lending through reputable banking institutions such as Arbor Financial Credit Union.

Factors Impacting Motorcycle Loan Rates

Your motorcycle rate will be fixed, meaning that there is a set percentage due on the principal each month. This fixed rate is determined by a few elements, many of which are listed below. Maximize each of these factors to get the best possible motorcycle loan rates.

Credit Scores & History

Higher credit scores and more secure credit histories are looked upon favorably by lending institutions. You are likely to get better APR rates with a prime credit score rather than a subprime one.

Motorcycle Loan Term

The length of a motorcycle term varies according to your preference, although the outcomes may be drastically different. Long motorcycle terms lead to low monthly payments with high-interest rates. Short motorcycle terms produce higher monthly payments with low-interest rates.

Age Of Motorcycle 

Used motorcycles boost your APR rate due to depreciation and lack of resale value. Newer motorcycles come with higher price tags, but cost less interest due to their ease of value recuperation.

Motorcycle Loan Lender

For-profit banks often charge higher motorcycle loan rates to make money. Credit unions like Arbor Financial Credit Union are known for offering low-interest rates and working with you to lock in the best rate possible. 

Hit The Road With Competitive Motorcycle Loan Rates 

Time waits for no one, and if you find yourself wishing for excitement on the asphalt, now is as good a time as any. Grab life by the handlebars and hit the open road with outstanding motorcycle loan rates, benefits, and features from Arbor Financial Credit Union.


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