FHA Loans Offer Low down payment and competitive rates.
Credit scores as low as 500 may qualify.

An FHA Loan Could Open the Door to Home Ownership.

We believe in you. When other financial institutions turn you away for a mortgage, you have additional options with us. Through a variety of special home loans backed by the federal government, you can get the affordable financing you need to buy that wonderful place you'll call home.

If you're wondering "Can I get a mortgage with a low credit score?," the answer is yes! FHA loans are designed to help those with a limited down payment or lower credit score get into a home. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer and you're still building up your credit history, or your score is less than ideal, you now have an opportunity to buy a home and begin to build equity!

FHA Home Loans From Arbor Financial Offer:

  • Low down payment options and it can be gifted money too, which is a bonus! 
    • FHA loans require as little as 3.5% down for credit scores above 580 
    • Credit scores that are between 500-580 will only need 10% down
  • Competitive rates no matter what your credit score is.
  • Flexible 15, 20, 25, or 30-year fixed terms available.
  • Credit scores as low as 500 may qualify for an FHA home loan.
  • Lower mortgage insurance, resulting in lower monthly payments.
  • Low closing costs; seller can pay up to 6% of closing costs, which means you can negotiate with the seller to pay most, if not all, your closing costs.
  • To assist you in qualifying for a home purchase you can have a non-occupant, like a parent, sibling, or other family member be a co-borrower.

How to Qualify For an FHA Loan After Bankruptcy.

FHA loans are insured by the Federal Housing Administration, which means the government guarantees that it will repay the loan if the borrower stops making payments. Because of this guarantee, Arbor Financial is better equipped to work with home owners that might not otherwise be able to qualify for a home mortgage.

You can get an FHA loan after bankruptcy, however, the timeline depends on the kind of bankruptcy you declared.
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy - You are eligible for an FHA loan 2 years from your discharge date (the court order that relieves you from your obligation to pay a debt). During this time, you must have re-established good credit and not take on any debt.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy  - You are eligible for an FHA loan if you have at least 1 year satisfactory payment history and consent to buy from the bankruptcy court, which is normally not a problem.
  • Chapter 13 foreclosure - To qualify for an FHA loan, you typically have to wait at least 3 years after the sheriff sale (foreclosure).
If you have questions about the qualification process after a bankruptcy, contact us and we can discuss your situation.

Ready to Buy a Home?

Before you start looking at homes, you need to know what you can afford. And, with the home buying market being extremely competitive today, most realtors won't even show a home to a buyer unless the buyer has received a pre-approval from a lender.

If you're thinking of buying a home, your first step is to get pre-approved. This will allow you to know what your options are and how much you are approved to borrow.

Then comes the fun part, looking for your perfect home! With a pre-approval you'll know what amount you can borrow and search for homes in that price range.

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When you're ready to apply, here's what to consider:

You'll need documentation for all borrowers, including:
  • Social Security number
  • Contact and employment information
  • Best estimates of income, assets, and liabilities
Once you've applied, we'll contact you to:
  • Guide you through the loan process
  • Complete your loan application package
  • Help you select the best program and interest rate

Access to various types of home loan programs backed by the U.S. government is just part of what Arbor Financial offers. If you open a checking account with us, you'll get free access to more than 37,000 ATMs throughout Michigan and across the nation, plus fee-free access to eBanking, Mobile Banking, Web Bill Pay, and more. It's easy to open your account online or switch your account to become an Arbor Financial member.

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