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When you find the only thing standing between you and your dream is money, our loan specialists are here to help! We take the time to listen to you and ensure we’re offering you the best choices for your financial situation. We’ll work with you to get things done quickly and easily. Contact one of our lending experts directly or apply for a loan by calling 269.488.5945 (KWIK). You can also apply online by clicking here.

Meet Our Consumer Loan Specialists

Jeff DeShane
Vice President Loan Services
Email Jeff | 269.544.3146

Karen DeMars
Director of Lending
NMLS# 703709
Email Karen | 269.544.3147
Tony Flanders
Consumer Lending Specialist
NMLS# 1778963
Email Tony | 269.544.3463

Silvia Kane
Consumer Lending Specialist
Email Silvia | 269.544.3145

Jodi Madry
Consumer Lending Specialist
Email Jodi | 269.544.3437
Mandy McCarter
Consumer Lending Specialist
NMLS# 1773181
Email Mandy | 269.544.3452
Darlene Papanichola
Consumer Lending Specialist
NMLS# 1324757
Email Darlene | 269.544.3152‚Äč
Ryan Taylor
Consumer Lending Manager
NMLS# 1312431
Email Ryan | 269.544.3449

Greg Teall
Consumer Lending Specialist
Email Greg | 269.544.3150