'Love the peeps you work with'

At Arbor Financial, we'll never be satisfied with being average. We take pride in offering excellent financial products and services to our members in Michigan and elsewhere. We also take pride that in the fact that our employees see us as a great place to work. Here's some feedback from a few of our staffers:

"I love working at Arbor Financial because we are truly about people helping people. We are always looking for the latest and greatest ways to meet our members' needs."
Heather Siegwart

"I like working at Arbor Financial because it's like having another family who genuinely cares. Whether it's a member or a co-worker, we work together to get the best outcome for everyone."
Lisa Sears

"Arbor Financial Credit Union allows for work/life balance."
Kristi Everhart

“In my 40-year career, the last 11 years have been the greatest! Best members, best co-workers, best management! This is by far the best place I have ever worked!”
Gina Chiechi

"I have been here for 23 years and I love that they make family a priority. There is constant change that has kept me here and on my toes. Change keeps your job exciting. I am loving that we are putting a lot of effort into giving back to the community."
Jenny Barnhart

“It is easy to come to work every day, when you love the peeps you work with!”