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Our members drive and define our success. Whether it's helping people purchase a vehicle, expand a business or provide community services to our neighbors, we're proud to be part of members' lives. Want to see the difference Arbor Financial can make for you? Check out these stories.

Let's grow together:

The Green Door Distilling Founders

Green Door Distilling: Making Whiskey Approchable For All

In June 2015, Josh Cook was attending a friend's birthday party when he struck up a conversation with another party-goer. Josh told him that he and his business partner, Jon Good, were opening a distillery – the first one in Kalamazoo since 1850s – and were pretty much doing all of the renovations themselves. That ‘guy' was Kenny Leonard, VP commercial lending at ECCU, who would ultimately help bring Green Door Distilling even closer to becoming the destination distillery Josh and Jon had been dreaming of.

Image of Eric Cook

120 Taphouse & Bistro Celebrates Success With Help From Arbor Financial

Eric Cook was a successful financial planner and loved working with his clients. He became disenchanted though with corporate America and the greed he saw as commonplace - a disconnect between what was best for the customer and pressure to earn more. He decided to make a change, go for his dreams, and open his own restaurant. "I envisioned it featuring the recipes I'd served to family and friends for years." Opening this past June, the 120 Taphouse & Bistro is off to a remarkable start. 

Image of Jim Cosby from ePaint Recycling

ePaint Recycling Flourishes When Given The Chance

Jim Cosby had been looking for work in 2010. The economy wasn't cooperating, and his wood finishing business had faltered during the height of the Great Recession. "Nothing was available," says Jim. "I had $200 in my pocket and a can opener when I opened ePaint, plus a lot of ideas and ambition. There was no business model or historical data to follow. I just had this idea on how to recycle latex paint, that I could turn someone's waste into something good." Cosby had little faith in banks when he needed funds for his new venture, ePaint Recycling. "I didn't think ECCU would be interested in me," continues Jim. "But I was wrong. ECCU listened when no one else would." 

Chiropractor Josh Sundberg

Chiropractor Josh Sundberg Realizes Dream With SBA Loan From Arbor Financial

After experiencing numerous sports injuries in high school, Josh Sundberg was determined to pursue a career in chiropractic. "It was my sophomore year when I began treatment for knee pain through a local chiropractor, and the therapy to align my pelvis brought almost instant relief," shares Josh. "I knew then that's what I wanted to do with my life." He realized his dream of becoming a chiropractor in 2014. Just months after graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, Iowa, Josh was able to purchase his practice in Kalamazoo with an SBA (Small Business Administration) loan from ECCU. 

Tapistry Brewing Co-Owners

Arbor Financial Helps Tapistry Brewing Tap Into New Markets

"We teamed with ECCU at the start of our business. Now, they're helping us to explore other growth options," says Tapistry Brewing co-owner Joe Rudnick. The goal is to broaden distribution channels, add new fermenters plus an additional canning line in the future. "ECCU is more than a business partner," he continues. "They attend charitable events we're part of and support the organizations we support, which include Bridgman Schools and VanAndel Institute's Purple Community."