Community Commitment

Throughout the year Arbor Financial and our employees get involved in company sponsored events… over 67 annual sponsored events to be exact. Whether we’re marching in a parade, running in a race, hydrating runners, or loads of other events throughout the year you’re sure to spot an Arbor Financial employee in the crowd.

Investing in our Youth

Youth focused educational events are abundant here at Arbor Financial. You’ll find us in your classroom, at financial reality fairs, taking field trips with you, and many of teens have come to get smarter with their money at one of our many lunch and learn workshops. 

Whether it be winter, spring or summer break our youth members and the community came in droves to participate in our many educational seminars which include: Take Charge of Your Money, Credit: What’s it All About, and #Adulting workshop. 

Pause for a moment and stop to think how many kids have been impacted with financial learnings over the year. After hosting 26 youth educational events, we estimate we reached at least 700 teens. That is the best investment we can make!

Members Give and Get at Arbor Financial

Members who want to get involved and give back to the community are always more than gracious when it comes to giving blood at our blood drives, donating school supplies for kids less fortunate, helping us raise funds for homelessness and so much more! It takes a village and we appreciate all the support we get from you, our awesome members.

In return, we enjoy giving back to our members by helping you shred secure documents on shred day, teaming up with local companies to offer you discounts and providing flexible ways to learn and get information.  Whether it be our online learning program, Level up, or enjoying a casual conversation with our mortgage team at an afterhours home builder & buyer mixer, or cracking open one of our educational blog articles.

Employees Provide Additional Support

But wait! That’s just Arbor Financial in the community. We haven’t mentioned all the extraordinary things our employees do every day to help others and give back. Our culture really lives and breathes the people helping people mantra. Through the Caring Committee, Wellness Committee and with the help of our paid volunteer hours there is so much more that staff has contributed. 

Partnering with the Community to bring financial education

We are proud to partner with the community to bring educational programs such as the Financial Reality Fair along with our interactive seminars focused on financial literacy for teens and young adults. Additionally, We support local students' higher-education goals through our scholarship program.

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