Switching to Arbor Financial Credit Union: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I switch my accounts to Arbor Financial Credit Union?

We're so thrilled you chose Arbor Financial as your new financial institution! Once your account is opened, visit arborfcu.org/switch for the easy 5-step process. You'll find everything you need to notify your previous financial institution, employer, and other automatic payees of your recent changes.

What information do I need?

You'll want to have the following information handy:

  • Previous bank name, address and account number for each account you would like to close.
  • Merchant name, address and account number for each automatic payment you would like to bring to Arbor Financial.
  • Employer name and address for each direct deposit you would like sent to Arbor Financial.

I have more than one direct deposit. Can I change everything at one time?

Yes, the switch kit will ask you how many direct deposits you would like to bring to Arbor Financial. Some examples of automatic deposits include: paychecks, retirement benefits such as Social Security, and investments.

What types of automatic payments can I transfer to Arbor Financial Credit Union?

Any regular monthly payment you currently write a check for or have automatically deducted, such as your auto loan, cell phone, health club membership, insurance payments, mortgage, and utilities.

I can’t find my account number on my check. Where is it?

Your Arbor Financial checking account number is the second set of numbers listed on the bottom of your checks. A complete list of your Arbor Financial account numbers can be found in eBanking.

What do I do if I need help?

We're available to answer your questions during regular business hours via online chatemail, or by calling 269.375.6702.

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