Children 12 and younger will discover cool ways to learn about money management with the Explorer's Club.

  • Exclusive Explorer's Club discounts and events
  • Explorer's Club Coin Bank
  • Rewards for Deposits
  • Open a Certificate of Deposit with just $100

The Volt Account allows teens to take charge of their money. 

Learn more

  • Bundled savings and checking account
  • Earn 5% APY* on the first $1,000 in your Volt Savings account
  • Totally free checking account with no fees. Really.
  • Smart limits on debit and credit card along with parental monitoring
  • Custom Volt debit card
  • Rewards Visa Credit Card**
  • Educational seminars and other helpful tools available throughout the year
* Annual Percentage Yield (APY). The rate of 5% applies to balances up to $1,000 on Volt Savings accounts. Terms and conditions subject to change without notice. **Account approval may be based on factors such as a qualified parent, teen’s age, and verification of income.

In addition, Volt Account members who are high school seniors are also eligible to apply for Arbor Financial Credit Union's Scholarship Program.