The Volt Account bundles a Savings account and a Checking account that offers teens and young adults the power to take control of their money, and parents the peace of mind to let them.

Volt Savings

Young savers will learn the value of compounding interest with a savings account that pays 5% APY* on balances up to $1,000. Balances above $1,000 will earn interest at the regular savings rate.

Volt Checking (ages 13-18) 

Learn how to manage a checking account without the penalty of paying fees if you make a mistake. Other benefits include:

  • Totally free checking, with NO FEES (Really!)
  • No risk of accidental overdraft charges
  • No foreign ATM fees (fees may be charged from the ATM owner)
  • Custom Visa Debit card 
  • P2K Parent Transfer Line allows parents to transfer funds into their child’s Volt account at any time

Volt Checking (ages 19-26) 

College-age students can ease into #Adulting with seriously reduced fees. You're savvy enough to know by now that you shouldn’t spend money that you don’t have, but we know that things happen. We’re here to help protect you from expensive overdraft charges while showing how keeping track of your account pays. Some of our Seriously Reduced Fees are:

  • Overdraft transfer fee $2 (regularly $5 per transfer)
  • Courtesy Coverage/NSF fees $15 (regularly $35 per event)
  • Foreign ATM fee $1 (regularly $2) 

Visa Rewards Credit Card

Once a Volt member turns 16 they have the option to get a rewards credit card, with a special Volt rate. What better way to learn how to handle credit cards, and establish a good credit score before turning 18. Low limits are set which will help prevent them from getting into credit card trouble.

  • Applying for the card is optional for members age 16+
  • A co-signer is required on the card until age 18 (and as needed after age 18)
  • Rewards card
  • Members of this bundle (ages 16-26) will automatically receive the A+ rate
  • Maximum limit $1,000 (minimum $300)

*Annual Percentage Yield (APY). Subject to change.