What to Do If Your Credit Card Is Lost or Stolen While Traveling

Published On:
March 29, 2019

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There’s something about the arrival of spring that gets us thinking about vacation time. Sunshine leads to outdoor cookouts, warmer temps lead to time at the beach, and with that there is a lot of travel.

Travel – no matter how or where – can be stressful. Travel delays, car breakdowns, missing hotel reservations, and lost luggage are what typically come to mind, but what happens if your credit card is lost or stolen while you’re away? Or you’re in an accident with your rental car and you waived the optional insurance at the rental counter? They’re scenarios many travelers don’t think about but should always be prepared for. Here are four ways your Arbor Financial Visa credit card can help keep your travel stress at a minimum.

Lost/Stolen Reporting

The last thing you want to deal with when you’re on the road is losing your credit card or having it stolen. If it happened to you, would you know what to do? First, you panic. Then, you take a deep breath and contact Arbor Financial right away. We’ll work with Visa to shut down your card and report it as lost or stolen. You can also contact Visa’s Global Customer Care Services direct or after hours.

Emergency Card Replacement & Emergency Cash Disbursement

Reporting your card lost or stolen is one thing, but what if you need to use the card to pay your hotel bill or your entire wallet was stolen and you need access to cash like yesterday? Visa will work with Arbor Financial to provide you with an emergency cash advance and/or replacement card in no time. Toll-free numbers are available 24/7.

Zero Liability

Rest assured that if your card is ever lost, stolen or otherwise compromised, you will not be held liable for unauthorized purchases as long as you report it within a reasonable time frame. Waiting to straighten things out until you get back home in a week is fine, but don’t put it off for three months otherwise you may risk losing the liability benefit.

Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver

Ok, so you didn’t lose your card or have it stolen from your hotel room. But say you rented a car while visiting family out of state – waived the optional insurance at checkout - and then got in a fender bender? If you used your Visa credit card to pay for the reservation, you could be reimbursed for the damages up to the actual cash value of most rental vehicles. Keep in mind that reimbursements are supplemental to any collectible insurance from another source, so if your standard auto insurance policy does not cover the damages in full, the Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver will cover whatever they don’t.
We want to make you an informed cardholder who can be confidently prepared in case you ever find yourself in these situations. If your credit card has been lost, stolen or if you notice any unauthorized transactions on your account, call us immediately at 269-375-6702. If it’s after business hours, call 1-800-847-2911. Learn more about card management on Arbor Financial’s Card Services page.

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