Coming in March 2020

Arbor Financial will be transitioning to a new credit card processor to provide our members with additional features, such as online and mobile card controls, as well as continuing with the highest level of fraud protection for cardholders.

The new card design will have members' credit card numbers printed on the back of the card. Not only will this provide a clean look, but it also helps to protect users' information by keeping the numerals out of plain sight.


Credit Card Numbers Will Be Changing

All card holders will be receiving new credit cards that have new numbers for each individual card. Members will need to update their information for any pre-authorized or recurring payments, or linked accounts to your card in which bills are paid, such as cable, insurance bills, and companies such as Amazon or PayPal.


Important Dates

  • By early March: You will receive your new Arbor Visa credit card. Note: DO NOT destroy your current credit card. 
  • Saturday, March 14: Last day to use CURRENT credit card.
  • Sunday, March 15: First day to activate the NEW credit card.
  • By Friday, March 20: First day to see transactions online.

New Rewards Program and Extra Points

If your existing card earns ScoreCard Reward points, then your program will transition to CURewards. But don't worry! Your existing ScoreCard points will be transferred, you'll continue to earn points throughout and no points will be lost.
  • January 31: This is the last date you can redeem your ScoreCard points at before the transition. In mid-March, you will be able to redeem points through CURewards at Points will continue to accumulate while we are in between reward platforms.

  • Late March: All points are available for redemption!
  • Extra Points!
    • Look for your extra points on your first statement with the new rewards card. You will be receiving 250 bonus points for your patience during the transition.
    • Your eStatements will transfer over. If you don't currently have eStatements, sign up and receive 500 bonus points.
Preview your choices in the rewards program as a guest at There are many categories to choose from, including housewares, recreation, electronics, personal items, gift cards, cash back, and travel, plus more! The site will be available for point redemption after the transition towards the beginning of April. ‚Äč


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why is Arbor Financial issuing new credit cards to current cardholders?
A: In an effort to provide our members with additional features as well as continuing with the highest level of fraud protection for card holders, the credit union decided to transition from our current credit card program.

Q: When will this change occur?
A: Arbor Financial will mail out new credit cards on, or about, the last week in February. If members do not receive a new credit card by March 13, please call 269.375.6702, or visit a branch near you.

Q: Will the new card look the same?
A: No. The new card design will have your credit card information printed on the back of the card for additional security.
Q: Will my card number change?
A: Yes. Since the credit union is issuing new credit cards, all credit card numbers will change.
Q: Do I have to request a new credit card?
A: No. If you currently have a credit card with Arbor Financial, you will automatically receive a new credit card during the reissue period.
Q: What should I do once I receive my new card?
A: On or after Sunday, March 15, activate your new credit card by calling the number found on the sticker on the front of your credit card. The new credit card will not work prior to the March 15 activation date.
Q: Are there costs or fees associated with replacing my current credit card?
A: No. There are no fees associated with getting your new credit card.
Q: Will the rate and terms change for my current credit card?
A: No. Your current credit card rate and terms will remain the same.
Q: Will my existing card alerts be converted to the new card?
A: No. You will need to establish alerts for your new credit card.
Q: How long can I continue to use my current credit card?
A: You may continue using your current credit card until March 14. Beginning on March 15, you will need to begin using your new card.
Q: When can I start using my new credit card?
A: You may begin using your new card Sunday, March 15.
Q: Do I have to activate my new card?
A: Yes. Each card will need to be activated.
Q: I have merchants that charge my credit card monthly. Will I have to notify those merchants? (Ex. Netflix, insurance companies, Amazon, Apple, utilities)
A: Yes. You will need to contact all merchants with which you have automatic charges to your current card and provide them with the new card number and expiration date.

Q: Where does the returned mail for the mass reissue get mailed back to?
A: Attn: Card Services
    1551 South 9th Street
    Kalamazoo, MI 49009

Q: What if I am on vacation during the reissue?
A: You can place your mail on hold with the post office while you are away.

If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 269.375.6702 or email