Nancy GETS MORE, $200 More!

The holidays are here again, and Arbor Financial wants to celebrate by giving members more, $200 more. This year, as part of our GET MORE with your Holiday Loan Special, we're offering four lucky members the chance to win $200! Now through December 31, 2021 members can get a personal loan with ultra-low rates and no payments for 60 days* to use on whatever they'd like. By doing so, they are automatically entered to win a little extra cash for the holidays. It's our way of saying happy holidays!

GET MORE with your Holiday

Meet Our Second Holiday Loan Winner, Nancy

Nancy is our second $200 Holiday Loan winner and was ecstatic when she received the call. She has been a member of Arbor Financial for over 20 years and utilizes a multitude of services with us. Nancy took out a low-rate personal loan to consolidate a few different payments she had into one much smaller payment. We’re elated to hear Nancy cleaned up her debt for the holidays. She has plans to use her $200 to GET MORE shopping done this holiday for gifts and supplies to make the season bright.

How does Nancy GET MORE with Arbor Financial?

Nancy has been getting more with Arbor for years through utilizing our services. She truly trusts the process here at Arbor and finds that doing business here is always a smooth process. “It’s just easy to get things done here. I can call and apply for a loan, no problem,” Nancy explained. She also loves the mobile and online banking experience because it allows her to avoid coming into a branch and lets her GET MORE time for herself. We are so thrilled that Nancy chooses Arbor Financial and are thankful to be able to provide more for our members.

GET MORE with Arbor Financial

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