How One App Saved My Funds

Did you know you have the power to turn your debit card on and off with the push of a button? It’s really that simple with the MobiMoney app. And for one user, it saved her from fraudulent transactions.
Kim, Arbor Financial’s own Assistant Branch Manager of the Centre Avenue location, says that by downloading the MobiMoney app, she was able to protect her funds when her debit card information was stolen. Through the MobiMoney app, Kim was notified that her debit card was being used for an online purchase at a cosmetic store. She then decided to shut her debit card off via the app. Later, Kim received another notification that her debit card was attempting to be used at a Michigan liquor store, but it was declined because she had shut the card off. Fortunately for Kim, the bad guys no longer had access to her money!
In addition to peace of mind, Kim says she loves that she is able to shut her cards on and off, restrict certain types of transactions, and get real-time notifications about how her cards are being used with the MobiMoney app. Kim says the app is very easy to download; just search “MobiMoney” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The MobiMoney app puts control in members’ hands and helps protect funds.
Download the MobiMoney app today and decide when, where, and how your debit card is used:
  • Turn your debit card on/off
  • Receive instant card transaction alerts
  • Limit card usage based on location, transaction type, and amount
  • Set merchant preferences
  • View debit card transaction history
Once the app is downloaded, register as a new user. To do this, open the app and choose the “New User” button, enter your debit card information, and then complete the account creation. The MobiMoney app starts working immediately. Any Android device using 3.x OS or newer and any Apple device using iOS 6.x or newer will be supported.

*Data service charge may apply through your wireless carrier.
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