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Jim is originally from the suburbs of Chicago and is the middle of five children. After attending Northern Michigan University, he settled in the Kalamazoo/Portage area. Jim has one daughter and two dogs, Taz and Brando. Jim is an avid sports fan, watching any and playing most. Golf, hockey, tennis and softball are his favorites to play. Jim started in the mortgage industry in 2006 and has helped hundreds of families obtain new mortgages. Jim loves the process of working through a mortgage and getting it just right. He says the most rewarding part is seeing the happiness on the faces of the members at closing, knowing they have a fantastic new mortgage.

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Meet Jim Edsall, Mortgage Loan Originator.

Email: jedsall@arborfcu.org​
Direct Phone: 269.488.6704

NMLS Number: 1606228​

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"If you need someone to guide you through the mortgage process, new purchase, or refinancing, contact Jim. He will take great care of you...Save some money and refinance or purchase with Jim at a great rate! Thanks, Jim, for the caring, conscientious service you provided." - Tyler C.

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Mortgage Specials

Term Rate with 0 pt as low as* APR with 0 pt as low as* Rate with 1 pt as low as* APR with 1 pt as low as*
7 Year Fixed Special 1.740% 2.025% - -
10 Year Fixed Special 1.990% 2.193% - -
12 Year Fixed Special 2.240% 2.411% - -

Fixed Rate Mortgages

Fixed Rate Mortgages

Term Rate with 0 pt as low as* APR with 0 pt as low as* Rate with 1 pt as low as* APR with 1 pt as low as*
30 Year 2.875% 2.952% 2.625% 2.701%
25 Year 2.750% 2.839% 2.500% 2.588%
20 Year 2.625% 2.733% 2.375% 2.482%
15 Year 2.500% 2.640% 2.250% 2.389%

3% Down Mortgages

3% Down Mortgages

Term Rate with 0 pt as low as* APR with 0 pt as low as* Rate with 1 pt as low as* APR with 1 pt as low as*
30 Year 4.125% 4.207% 3.875% 4.040%
25 Year 4.000% 4.094% 3.750% 3.940%
20 Year 3.875% 3.988% 3.625% 3.853%
15 Year 3.750% 3.895% 3.500% 3.792%
Evaluation required and ordered by a lender to determine value based on physical inspection and comparable sold properties.
Costs associated with purchasing the home and closing the transaction.
Monthly debts (from credit report) plus PITI (principal, interest, taxes, insurance) divided by gross monthly income = DTI.
Required if not putting 20% down. This is an additional monthly fee for the lender to pay property taxes and homeowners insurance (i.e. Principal and interest are $600.00/month. Property taxes are $2,000.00 annual ($166.67/month). Homeowners Insurance is $600.00 annual ($50.00/month). Total monthly payments will be $816.67).
Loan amount divided by purchase price equals LTV.
A closing cost charged by the lender for processing the loan; may also be called Processing Fee or Underwriting Fee.
Principal, interest, taxes, insurance.
The borrower has the option to buy down the interest rate by buying a point. A fee is added to closing costs (i.e. For 1% of the loan amount, the rate will be reduced by .25%).
Items that are required to be pre-paid for closing of the loan. If you escrow for homeowners insurance, one year of prepaid homeowners insurance is required.
Insurance to the lender that the property is free of any liens.
Typically required by the lender if LTV is greater than 80%.
At the time of application, you may choose to lock in your rate for a designated period of time or float and lock in at any time prior to close.

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