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Boat Loan Rates

Term APR as low as1
Up to 60 months 3.24%
61 to 84 months 3.74%
85 to 120 months 4.24%
121 to 180 months 5.24%
¹Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Rates disclosed are the lowest rates available and are determined by your credit score at the time of application. Rates subject to change.

What Is A Boat Loan Rate?

Just like auto loans, boat loan rates are the price you pay for borrowing the money you need to finance your purchase. Rates for recreational vehicles often skew slightly higher for luxury or unique vehicles, including watercrafts.

The size of your loan rate can make a significant impact on the final price of your boat. For example:

Boat Loan #1

APR: 3.11%

Total Loan Payment: $27,449

Total Cost of Monthly Payment: $457

Boat Loan #2

APR: 5.54%

Total Loan Payment: $28,679

Total Cost of Boat Loan: $478

Researching loan rates in your area is the best way to get the most bang for your buck.

Factors Impacting Boat Loan Rates

There are a few primary factors that influence your boat loan rate. While not every factor is something you can control, those listed here you may be able to manipulate to your advantage.

Credit Scores & History

Your credit score is a reflection of lender confidence in your financial habits. Lower scores may net higher APRs, while higher or “prime” credit scores have access to more affordable interest rates.

Boat Loan Term

Longer terms lower your monthly payments but raise your interest costs over time. Shorter-term lengths cost more upfront, but greatly reduce additional payments related to interest.

Age Of Boat

Older boats are likely to cost more APR due to their lower resale value. In contrast, newer boats will have lower interest rates. Of course, newer boats come with higher initial price tags.

Boat Loan Lender

Banks typically charge higher interest rates than credit unions. As much smaller and member-centric organizations, credit unions are well known for working with their members to get them the best rates possible.

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