Give Your CD a Boost!

Boost your rate and earn 0.25% more when you bring over $25,000 in new money with  our 10-month CD special.  Featuring rates up to 3.04% APY*, it's a safe and secure way to invest your money.

Boost example: 3.04% APY + 0.25% = 3.29% APY*

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Invest safely

CD's are safe, stable investments for our members. Since the rates don't fluctuate over the term of the certificate, you'll know exactly how much you will have earned when it matures. In addition, deposits at Arbor Financial--including CD's--are federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), so you know your money is safe.

Pick an amount that works for you

With a minimum deposit of $500, and tiers up to over $125,000, you can find what works for you. The money can come from your savings or checking account, or it can be a new deposit.

Select your term length

We're offering a special term of 10 months, with great rates, but you can also check out our rates page and take advantage of one of our traditional term lengths as well. You're in control!