CD Specials

Make your money work for you!

With special terms, a minimum investment of only $500, great rates as high as 2.78% APY,  we're sure you'll be able to find the right investment for you!

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Return of the Step-Up CD

Step up your savings with a 35-month Step-Up CD.  With the Step-Up CD from Arbor Financial, your rate increases after 7, 15, 21, and 28 months.

Check it out:

APY* MONTHS 1-7 MONTHS 8-14 MONTHS 15-21 MONTHS 22-28 MONTHS 29-35
$500 minimum 1.76% 2.02% 2.27% 2.53% 2.78%


18-Month CD Special - No Withdrawal Penalty

If you're looking for a higher rate, but don't want to commit for a full term, our 18-month CD Special is for you.  For a limited time, invest in an 18-month CD with a special rate up to 2.25% APY and if you find a better investment, you can withdraw your money with no penalties.  Click here to view all rates.

7-Month CD Special offers Great Rates and Short Terms

For short-term investments, we're offering a 7-month CD special with rates as high as 2.02% APY.   Click here to view all rates.

Invest Safely

CD's are safe, stable investments. With a minimum deposit of $500, and tiers up to over $125,000, you can find what works for you. Since the rates don't fluctuate over the term of the certificate, you'll know exactly how much you will have earned when it matures. In addition, deposits at Arbor Financial--including CD's--are federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), so you know your money is safe.